2017 Promises of God Calendar

Throughout the Bible, God has made many promises to us in order to uplift and encourage us. Sometimes we forget these promises of help, power, and forgiveness, thus, this calendar is created as a reminder of the great power that loves and plans the very best life for us.

How to use your Promises of God Calendar:
– submit your email and you will be sent the link to download
– open in Adobe PDF, if you don’t have PDF, download it here…
– mouse over the central part underneath each promise until you get a cursor, then type in your name of the person you want to bless this with. You only need type it in once and it will show on all the pages.
– save the file then print.
– print as many times as you require for as many people as needed, my only request is that you don’t sell it!

Printing Instructions:
– print on inject or laser printer
– can print on standard print paper or craft paper (make sure the paper is suitable for print if not standard printer paper)

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