About Us

Welcome to Blessing Impressions, this store idea has been an idea close to my heart for several years now. Encouragement is a powerful thing, and being reminded regularly of the blessings upon one’s life is a daily reminder of the promises of God in your life. Blessing Impressions is all about making sure that our loved ones are personally reminded of the love of God and purpose of their life.

The purpose of Blessings Impressions is to provide an outlet where people can speak life, speak hope and speak power into the lives of those you love. 



...the very first personal blessing, prints on wood


Whats In A Name?

As you may have noticed, our designs are mostly set up to have either the name of the person it's for or the family name added to them. The Bible tells us in Isaiah 43:1 that God calls to us by name, so each design is set to ensure that we are reminded that all God's promises belong to us both as a church and individually.