Children of Jehovah Nissi



Design Reads:

“We are the children of Jehovah Nissi; no chain that bounds us will go unbroken no weapon formed against us will prosper no mountain before us will stand unmoved for together we chase 10,000 and we serve an undefeatable God ”

This piece of Christian home decor will beautifully adorn any wall or shelf and serve as a constant reminder of the blessings of God for your family.

Please Note:
This is a digital product, not a physical one. Once your purchase is made, it will be personalized with the name indicated on your order and emailed to the email address you used for the order. Format emailed will be a high quality .jpg. From here you are free to print it as many times as you need. Sizes are 16x20in and 24x36in but can be increased in the compatible dimensions. Can be printed on a standard home printer or professionally.

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Personalized Download (16×20), Personalized Download (24×30)

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